Basic Info

Real Name






Hair Color

Dark blue

Eye Color

Steel gray


August 28 (Virgo)

Blood Type





Alice of Spades

Location of Mark

Right shoulder-blade

Aress fell into Hatter's arms and was thrown into the midst of the Alician duels as the Alice of Spades when he was suddenly pushed into Wonderland by a strange cat-boy who he later finds out is named Magnie. He somehow can't resist Hatter, even though he tries his best to push him away all the time. What makes him different is that he suggests that instead of fighting the other Alices, that they just head straight for the Black King and Red Queen, but he soon realizes it's easier said than done.


Because he came from a world so different from Wonderland, he sometimes finds it hard to accept the many eccentricities of it. However, as time passed, he slowly began to get used to it and even began to come to like it. It's most likely largely due to the mysterious attraction he seems to have towards Hatter, though. Although he is trying to fight to go home at first, as time goes on, it seems that he might actually be hiding some dark secrets of his own that keep him from wanting to go back home. He's the kind of person who hates to lose, especially because of his pride. He doesn't show it all the time, but he most definitely hates it when he loses, trying to win to the point of almost getting heavily injured at times. He can easily believe in Wonderland and join the Alician duels because he believes that it's better than the life he had in the “real world.” His attitude comes from his sense of self-confidence that makes him believe that he's strong enough to not need anyone, but at times, he can be really weak when he realizes he's trapped or his sense of self-confidence is shattered. He's actually quite childish. For example, he has a red and black palette because he thinks it might make him look a bit more mature...but he doesn't realize that sort of thinking consciously. He's also quite tsundere because he refuses to admit things about his true feelings because he can't move on from when he hurt Matt, his classmate and best friend who is older than him by three years. He jumped off his school building when he couldn't take his parents selling him to an old man anymore, but Matt caught him and ended up being gravely injured or even dead. Aress didn't stay around to see because he was too guilty. He doesn't realize this, but deep down, because of all of his repressed feelings that he hid from Matt while Matt didn't know and all the abuse he suffered, he has developed a sadistic streak that he doesn't know about.

History in WonderlandEdit

Aress, when he first fell into Wonderland after being pushed by Magnie, landed in Hatter's arms. However, he soon found that it was nothing like in the stories. He, at first, refuses to help out, even when Weiss suddenly attacks him for being the Alice of Spades. He meets Charles and Allen and refuses to help the Spades, but Hatter ends up dragging him to a secret training grounds up in the mountains, where he meets March and begins to realize part of the truth about Hatter and who he really was after Hatter suffers an attack in which the man tries to rape Aress. He feels guilty when Hatter gets injured protecting him. He meets Jazz, who explains to him just exactly what the positions in the Alician duels are as he bandages Hatter. He decides to head straight for the Black King and the Red Queen without fighting the rest of the Suits because he can't fight without knowing just who they are.




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