About Aress in WonderlandEdit

A story of a young man named Aress who was thrown into Wonderland one day and found himself falling into the mysterious Hatter's arms.


However, Wonderland is nothing like it was in the stories. Here, Wonderland is home to harsh battles, called Alician duels, fought in the names of each suit to gain the powers of a god and to have one wish granted. Each suit has at least one King, one Queen, one Jack and one Alice, and they must all defeat all of the members of the other suits for the right to challenge the Black King and Red Queen, the gods of Wonderland. If they win, they gain powers beyond imagination and have their greatest wishes granted.


But...not everything is as easy as it seems. Dark secrets surface, and hearts are led astray. Winners become losers, the defeated defeat their rivals and what was once pure becomes sullied.


In the end, only one Suit will remain standing to be declared victorious. But which Suit...?

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